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Synaps is a software specially designed to provide the most intuitive and user-friendly experience. No knowledge in code or computer is required and it will only take few hours to take it in hands. Try it, you will love it !

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Once the software is mastered, let your imagination speak and create as much content as you want to realize THE site of your dreams.

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Add, modify your contents according to your desires whenever and as many times as you like.

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Share your creations with the world in just a few clicks. Be part of a growing community by contributing with your own work within our store.


Create your websites from scratch thanks to a worked interface and an ultra intuitive drag & drop functionality for adding and formating elements.


Enjoy an oprimal experience thanks to the adaptability of the software on all type of media such as smartphones or tablets for example.


A community market with thousands of features and designs is available to synaps users. It is also possible, for the most seasoned users, to sell their own creations on this market after validation of our team.

About us

The SYNAPS project was born on 4th november 2016 from an original idea within a studient group from EPITECH Lyon. It has been more than one year since our team is working on this project that we are dedicated to.

You must be connected to download the Beta version of SYNAPS Software or create an account to apply for the Beta.